About Music NWT

NWT Society Number: SOC-701587

Mission Statement

  • To develop, foster and promote the continued growth of the Northwest Territories music industry to its fullest potential.

Mandate & Objectives of Music NWT

  • To support the marketing and distribution of NWT Musicians and Recording Artists
  • To provide opportunities for the education and training of NWT Musicians and Recording Artists and the NWT Music Industry
  • To increase recognition of the music industry as a vital element of the economy and cultural identity of the Northwest Territories
  • Provide a voice to government, business, and the communities at large, throughout the Northwest Territories, regarding the issues facing the music industry

Core Beliefs / Values

  • NWT’s music industry has enormous talent
  • Music industry professionals are entitled to fair and equitable compensation;
    Music is an integral part of NWT’s culture
  • NWT’s music industry has the capacity to succeed on a national and global scale; and
    The music industry is a contributor to NWT’s economic development.

For a complete list of our Board and Committee members, please click here.

For a copy of our bylaws as of our 2012 AGM, please click here.