Shane Dainels
Shane Daniels and the Usual Suspects
Pat Coleman
One's On the Way has it's roots in traditional country. With the unique vocals of Pat Coleman who has been likened to Hank WIlliams mixed with Woody Guthrie.

Featuring the singles: One's On The Way and Missing You by Monday

Available at Superior Sound, Hay River or by contacting
Steve Lacey
Steve is a transplanted Englishman who has lived most of his life in Canada, first in Saskatchewan and more recently in the Northwest Territories.

His first instruments were the trombone and the piano, both taught by his parents, who also taught him musical theory and gave him an appreciation of a wide range of musical genres. They bought him his first guitar, which he taught himself to play.
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Grey Gritt
Grey Gritt was born on the Canadian Shield, raised on a dirt road, and embodies a bold blend of identities and cultures while living as a sub-arctic folk-blues musician in Yellowknife, NWT. With a mouthful of soul and a truckload of blues, this award-winning queer Métis songster has been highlighted at the Folk on the Rocks festival, has collaborated with Harry Manx and Leela Gilday, and has toured with Bluesman Guy Davis.
Leela Gilday
A passionate singer/songwriter and soulful performer, Leela Gilday has a voice that comes straight from the heart. Confessing her stories to her audiences with a gutsy voice and open stage presence, Gilday weaves her experiences as a northerner, a member of the Dene nation, and a traveler into a beautiful world that transports the listener.
Natasha Duchene
I’m a filmmaker, musician, coach and facilitator who tells stories that connect us to the earth, our deep selves, and to each other. An adventurer at heart, I am drawn to those projects which take me deeper into the world and the wilderness, and which might also inspire others to follow their own heart, wherever it leads. To this end I lead vocal improvisation workshops as well as collaborative workshops that explore self-expression and creativity.
Jim Taylor
In the meantime, Taylor plans on continuing the Black Knight Kitchen Party, which he's hosted almost every Saturday since he moved to Yellowknife eight years ago. A kitchen party is an east coast-style celebration where fiddles, bodhrans, guitars and singing voices fill an intimate pub or home. Taylor is originally from Middleton, N.S.
Reuben and the Dark
Boasting a rare chemistry between all members across western Canada, Reuben and the Dark has emerged organically from Canada's stellar independent scene on the strength of often anthemic compositions that translate the language of emotion into song with haunting clarity.
Quantum Tangle
Fusing of old-world sounds and new-world flair, Greyson Gritt and Tiffany Ayalik are embracing their blended backgrounds. Combining their talents of throat singing, haunting melodies and traditional legends, Gritt and Ayalik are excited to present a circumpolar mix of flavours from across Canada and Greenland. As Ayalik charismatically embodies her stories, Gritt infuses it with a soulful blues to create an experience that consumes the senses.
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The Bushman NT
Indigenous Live Looping Electric Rock
Fritz Zwicky
Experimental Electronic Musician and Artist

Fritz Zwicky plays analog synthesizers, groove boxes and beat machines recording with Ableton Live and using Ableton directly to compose Electronic Music. Some of the music contains field recordings taken by Fritz and composed as instruments or background audio.

Soundcloud is used as Cloud storage system for saving and storing songs and shows a natural progression in finding his own sound and style.
Kelly Clark
Kelly Clark, came out of the womb singing and hasn't stopped. Daughter of a well known potter and craftswoman (Mother), and a country singer and artist (Father), born and raised in Calgary,Alberta, moved North in 2006 and never left. Experience includes showcases at the Calgary Stampede in my youth, church solos and choir, school performance arts lead roles. I fronted a classic band in my 20's and performed in bars in and around Calgary. Performed solo appearances in and around Calgary.
Storm Lynn
Storm Lynn is a recent transplant to Yellowknife from Hay River. A queer indigenous musician, she plays a mixture of acoustic covers and her own material. She was an active member of Hay River's music scene, having performed at the Chamber of Commerce Gala, and numerous other events. She has taken Yellowknife by 'storm' already, performing at Queerlesque, the Music NWT AGM, and Pride at Somba 'Ke Park. Watch out! A Storm is brewing!
Fine warm and spaced out Ambient/House excursion
Siksik Siren
Siksik Siren formed in 2015, documenting the struggles and triumphs of the human experience in thier folky, igneous-laced pop-rock songs. Erin Maxwell, a rocker from the Rock, provides vocals and keys. Jenn Hamann, on vocals, banjo and guitar, began playing and writing songs when she moved to the North. Violca Memedi, artist and long-time Yellowknifer, plays the bass guitar. Together they weave and drift through melodies that energize and sooth.
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Welder's Daughter
Canada's House Band of the North
Darin Woodbury
Band name Water
Up Against the Wall
Erebus and Terror
With their NWT roots they brew an upbeat and urgent sound, ballads seen through the eyes of the northern young and hungry.
A Classic Rock Extravaganza
Priscilla's Revenge
Precambrian rock, with a touch of aurora blue; mix in searing guitar, danceable grooves and skilled songwriting. That’s the sound of Yellowknife’s Priscilla’s Revenge, one of Northern Canada’s most prolific bands.

Priscilla has been writing and recording original music since late 2004. The band has released three albums of original material in that time.
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Great Northern Man has received its third nomination: 2017 Indigenous Music Award for Rock Album of the Year.
Lindsay Waugh
My years up North since 1973 and moving to the NWT in 1977, have offered a wealth of life experiences to write about and put to music together with reflections back to my roots. I understand there is a need to express the colour of who we are, whether in a visual display or in my case a musical representation of that picture.
dylan jones_edited
Dylan CTK Jones is a hip hop artist and story teller from Yellowknife, NT. Born and raised in the Canadian Arctic, he has developed a passion for the culture and preservation of his home, the North. Growing up in the isolated northern community of Fort Good Hope, NT, Dylan has taken the role of being a voice for the hardship and beauty of a more rugged way of life. Signed at 21 by indie record label Midwest Productions and Entertainment (MWP), he has performed at over 30 stage performances.
Hindsite is a rock band based out of Yellowknife, NWT. Their sound is pure rock, with a side of awesome.
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Pat Braden - story teller
Pat is a storyteller and songwriter who weaves his soft-spoken voice with textual musical elements to paint exquisitely beautiful images of the land and of the people of his own “Place to Call Home.”
Midnight Sound Club
Midnight Sound Club is an emerging Northern bass music family bringing sound system culture to where the snow flies and the stars burn bright. Stay tuned.
Carmen Braden
Carmen’s vocal, instrumental, and electroacoustic music is greatly tied to her soundscape. She draws from the environment by examining natural phenomena through sonic, visual, sensual and scientific ways of understanding. Her creative research has led her into deep study of ice on Great Slave Lake, as well as raven calls, bedrock, and different qualities of light. Carmen often collaborates with other mediums including dance, theatre, film, and story-telling.
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