Mission and Vision

Mission: To develop, foster and promote the continued growth of the Northwest Territories music industry to its fullest potential.

Mandate & Objectives of Music NWT
  • To support the marketing and distribution of NWT Musicians and Recording Artists

  • To provide opportunities for the education and training of NWT Musicians and Recording Artists and the NWT Music Industry

  • To increase recognition of the music industry as a vital element of the economy and cultural identity of the Northwest Territories

  • Provide a voice to government, business, and the communities at large, throughout the Northwest Territories, regarding the issues facing the music industry.

Core Beliefs / Values
  • NWT’s music industry has enormous talent

  • Music industry professionals are entitled to fair and equitable compensation;
    Music is an integral part of NWT’s culture

  • NWT’s music industry has the capacity to succeed on a national and global scale; and
    The music industry is a contributor to NWT’s economic development

Guiding Principles

Music is for everyone. Music NWT represents and reflects the diversity of our society and our industry.
Music creates employment. The music industry is an integral contributor to economic development in the Northwest Territories.
Music is global. The Northwest Territories music industry is part of the global music industry.
Music is fun. Music is a significant part of the NWT's culture and contributes to our quality of life.
Music has value. Fair and equitable compensation for the use of intellectual property is an inherent right of the creator.
Music creates opportunities. Partnering, community involvement and cooperative development are essential for the continuing growth of the NWT music industry, both at home and abroad.

Through policy and action Music NWT demonstrates:

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Inclusivity

  • Foresight

  • Accountability

  • Excellence

  • Passion


Inform and Educate
Members have access to a wealth of information and resources pertaining to all aspects of the music industry locally, nationally, and internationally.

Professional Development
Throughout the year, Music NWT hosts professional development events, including workshops and panels, featuring top industry professionals and songwriters from across Canada and beyond. We also provide mentor sessions, one-on-one training with our staff, as well as informal discussions with successful local artists and industry professionals.

We keep our members informed about variety of topics, including deadlines, funding information, performance opportunities, and important industry developments through our monthly e-newsletter, website, social networking sites, and through direct one-on-one contact. 

Social Networking
Music NWT maintains a strong presence on social networking sites, notably Facebook and Twitter, to broadcast information and to direct the public to musicnwt.ca. 

Music NWT places a strong focus on the development of partnerships with regional and national organizations as well as members of the local cultural communities. These partnerships allow us to access new communities while strengthening and expanding our own. The partnerships come in many forms, from co-productions of professional development events to showcases and concert presentations to joint market development initiatives. These relationships are key to further expansion and promotion of our music industry. 

Open Mics
Music NWT presents and co-presents a number of live music events throughout the year. These activities are aimed at increasing the profile of Music NWT and local artists within the community at events such as  local artist showcases.


Data Gathering
Music NWT is the voice of the NWT music industry in communications with government and other stakeholders. We conduct and distribute industry research and gather data on the size, makeup, and economic growth of the industry. We also gather integral information on the accomplishments of our industry, including awards and nominations, showcases, touring, new music releases, film/TV placements, and more. 

Positions and Representations
Music NWT has representation with the following organizations:

  • Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR)

  • Western Canadian Music Alliance (WCMA)

  • NWT ARTS Council

  • Canadian Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (CARAS-Juno Awards)


Grow the Industry  - Export Marketing
Sustainable music industry careers for artists and many industry entrepreneurs are based on the ability to successfully export through touring, releasing recorded music, sub-publishing, and securing media placements in other territories. Music NWT works to continually understand and communicate the factors that lead to successful export marketing, tracks the export marketing activities of the local industry, and runs programs and projects to support increased levels of success in export marketing for NWT artists and companies.


Music NWT promotes local artists at home and at major music conferences and festivals by presenting and supporting showcase performances. Showcases are most often an opportunity for artists to perform for others within the industry including current and future potential business partners and team members, and are an essential step in becoming known within the industry and building a support team.


Nathan Knox - President

Karen Novak - Past President

Lee Brake- Secretary/Treasurer

Vacant - Vice President


Ted McLeod

Don Salvador

Executive Director - Vacant

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